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El Chupacabra
Ghosts/Spirit-Apparition info


Dragons Dragons and Dragons!!!


Dragons Are
cute lil critters that listen really well and are good pets to have around kids...
A mythological beast, usually described as a reptilian animal with
wings and a tail. They have the ability to fly and breathe fire. They have long been associated with magic as well. They love gemstones and have hoarde caches of jewels and other precious things. Knights have often been depicted as fighting and slaying dragons, but there were also said to be great guardian dragons, protectors of the weak and bringers of good luck. Although many cultures have viewed the dragon as a fearsome creature, associated with evil, in ancient China, it symbolized"courage, and the Emperor, and the country itself, as well as the heroic spirit in general."


  • Kazin:
    A noble creature, in mind and

    spirit, possessing great power
    and knowledge, capable of great
    creationor distruction, but also
    posessing the wisdom to instead
    to go about its own business and enjoy lifeitself.
  • Narlaq:
    A creature striving to reach the

    ultimate level of knowledge in
    order to know how to use its power, and the wisdom to know when to
    use it.
  • K. Koike:
    To the earthbound there is no

    such thing as absolute freedom.
    True freedom is in the sky. Only
    adragon can soar to such heights.
  • Lexicon
  • 1: A fabulous animal generally represented as a monstrous winged and scaly serpent or saurian with
    a crested head and enormous claws
    2: The heraldic representation of a monster with a griffin's head, a scaly winged body with four legs and claws, and a long barbed tail and tongue borne as a charge or used

    as a supporter
  • Creatutres (Dragons)
  • Amphisbaena:
    A creature with heads at each end of

    its body that is capable of moving in
    two directions.


    A lizard like creature that can kill with a glance, has nasty breath.

    Often looks similar to a rooster with a lizards tail. Said to be a serpent that

    has hatched from a chicken's egg.
    Has a deadly glance.


    Fire breathing creature, with a lion's

    head, goat's body and serpent's tail. Sometimes also depicted with 3 heads:
    a goat, lion, and dragon. May have


    the name of a South American Indian

    god. He was believed to sometimes
    take the shape of a winged serpent.


    Creature with the head, forelegs, and

    wings of an eagle and the body,
    hindlegs, and tail of a lion.


    A many-headed serpent, often portrayed with the body of a dragon.

    Creature with the head of a man,

    body of a lion and tail of a dragon or scorpion. Often has wings.


    Lizard-like creature that has the ability to endure fire.

    Very similar to a dragon except it only has four limbs (2 wings, 2 hind legs) Usually in all other aspects, it is similar to a dragon. They are generally not characterized as
    breathing flame, but some do.
  • Do Dragons Exist ?
  • Yes, they actually do, but not in the
    mythical from that most individuals
    are familiar with. There are several
    lizards that bare the name dragon,
    the best known being the Komodo
    Dragon. Dragons also exist in
    symbolisms, history and the largest
    free roaming habitat of all, the


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