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El Chupacabra
Ghosts/Spirit-Apparition info


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Hi, welcome to my site. This site will show you information on mythical creatures. I hope you enjoy my info. I hope you come again and again. EVEN if your willing to help me out...THANKS and TELL YOUR FRIENDSI have spent time and time again and again working on this site to provide your special minds who are seeking info on creatures. Well youve come to the right place!!!One way to make the site better is from visitor support~~~If youve youve got links info, pics, requests or anything else email me is my email!!!!

Also I honestly dont care if you copy my stuff.
Im not dum like those other sites.
If youd like to explore my site and share the info.
Go right ahead.

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I cant thank you guys guys enuff for all my VISITOR SUPPORT!!!!!!!!!!

Email Me~~~ you have questions,comments,suggegstions, or more info. YOU CAN EVEN TELL ME MORE CREATURES TO ADD IF THEY ARENT ON MY LIST ALREADY!!! I will get to your needs ASAP..


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